The Tyburn Guinea – Description

The Tyburn Guinea
Published July 2017 by Hampden Press

Please note: This is an unrevised and unfinished fragment of a novel by Richard Blake. The Kindle version will soon be free from Amazon. In the meantime, you can download a free pdf from here.

London 1696

War. Treason. Espionage. Financial chaos. Speculation.

Sarah Goodricke writes plays. It pays the rent. It keeps her in tobacco and laudanum. She has a play to finish.

Then she gets caught up in a hanging procession to Tyburn. She agrees to perform a last service for one of the convicts.

It goes wrong. It goes terribly wrong.

Sarah runs. Sarah thinks she is safe. But can she hide in a city filled with plotters, all desperate to lay hands on the packet of letters she has carried away from Tyburn?

This unfinished fragment of a novel by Richard Blake is offered free in e-book format as a sample of his finished works. Do not be disappointed if it leaves you in suspense.

One day, someone may pay him to finish it….


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