Game of Empires – Description

Chained up in a condemned cell, Rodi thinks it’s the last day of his life. It becomes the first. Though only fourteen, his brains and skill at forgery make him too valuable to the Byzantine Empire for wasting in a public execution. 

The Lord Treasurer Alaric recruits him into a top secret security agency – his job, once trained, to turn the tables in the Empire’s war with the so far victorious Persians.

This is a story that takes you from the glittering palaces and sordid streets and brothels of the Imperial City, to the barbarian-ravaged provinces, to high mountain tops fringed with pine. Here, with no one to help but a naïve old monk, Rodi must prove himself in a contest with the devotees of an obscene and bloody idol and a Persian spy. 

Can young Rodi survive and come out on top in this ruthless and secret Game of Empires? 

Game of Empires is a thrilling historical novel, perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden. 

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