The Tyburn Guinea – Description

The Tyburn Guinea – Free Novel by Richard Blake
Published July 2017 by Hampden Press

Please note: This is an unrevised and unfinished fragment of a novel. You can get it by following any of the links on the right – or you can download it here for free. If you do download it and like it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. And please check out my other books.

London 1696

War. Treason. Espionage. Financial chaos. Speculation.

Sarah Goodricke writes plays. It pays the rent. It keeps her in tobacco and laudanum. She has a play to finish.

Then she gets caught up in a hanging procession to Tyburn. She agrees to perform a last service for one of the convicts.

It goes wrong. It goes terribly wrong.

Sarah runs. Sarah thinks she is safe. But can she hide in a city filled with plotters, all desperate to lay hands on the packet of letters she has carried away from Tyburn?

This unfinished fragment of a novel by Richard Blake is offered free in e-book format as a sample of his finished works. Do not be disappointed if it leaves you in suspense.

One day, someone may pay him to finish it….

© 2017, richardblake.

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