The Devil’s Treasure, Reviewed by Rik Storey

Utterly Thrilling!

I greatly enjoyed this fourth episode in Richard Blake’s latest series of Byzantine Empire espionage thrillers. These are different from the sprawling vastness of his earlier series. For a start, they aren’t told in the first person. They also lack the completely-over-the-top quality of the earlier series.

On the other hand, they are shorter, and the plots bounce along at a cracking pace. In “The Devil’s Treasure,” young Rodi – the youngest spy in the Byzantine Empire’s spy agency – is sent off to Pavia in Northern Italy to find information on a counterfeiting racket run by one of the Lombard princes. He promptly finds himself in an insane soup of shady financiers, devil-worshippers and the treacherous dealings of the Lombard Royal Family.

Will Rodi survive? Since the books are told in the third person, that is always an open question. But I’m not giving too much away if I comment that I am waiting for episode five in the series.


Review published on Amazon on the 24th March 2018

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