Sword of Damascus Reviewed by MC

Aelric comes up trumps once more in this fascinating series which combines a boys own joy of adventure and smut, with some pretty decent historical narrative and analysis.

Priscus is undoubtedly the heir apparent to all arch villains from Von Stalhein to Moriarty. it is a pity he does not feature, except in the shadows.

Unlike other reviewers, I thought Sword Of Damascus scampered along at quite a rate of knots. it constantly displays the great talent of Blake for fitting contemporary notions into a believable past with both humour and pathos. These do not knock you over the head but instead induce a fundamental trust in the reality and likeability of the characters. back stories are strong here which further enhances the sense of immersion into this perilous and overlooked period.

Aelric is rotten, luxuriant and full of himself. I would be too.

Review written by MC and published on Amazon
5th July 2012

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