Sword of Damascus, Reviewed by A. Reader

A Deep historical read, but at a slower pace

Having read Richard Blake’s previous books I knew that it was a book that I had to be in the right frame of mind to read, different authors have different styles.

Your Simon Scarrows, Conn Igguldens and Anthonys Riches type novels whilst containing plenty of history are written in that fast paced action style that many class as Swords and Sandals, or Blood and action. I would put Richard Blake more in the Harry Sidebottom category, Both authors who provide a fantastic rich deep historical read, but at a slower pace. The action is still there its just tempered with a bit more informative history. This is by no means a text book though, as usual for Blake there is plenty of intrigue, the characters are excellently written and the authors passion for his subject period is blatantly obvious.

If you have not read any of this series then I strongly suggest that you go back to the beginning and start there (but that’s a personal preference, I hate starting a story part way through)

Mr Blake will remain on my to buy list for future titles, I recommend this for the history lovers and the swords and sandals types…Just be aware its not as pacey as some you read

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on the 21st June 2011

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