Ghosts of Athens, Reviewed by Thomas Fontanari

Es handelt sich hier übrigens im Gegensatz zum Amazon Titel um den fünften Band der Serie. Richard Blake liefert mit seinem neuen Aelric-Abenteuer wiederum rasanten Lesespaß. Aelric muß dieses Mal ein Kirchenkonzil gut über die Bühne bringen, einen Mord aufklären und Athen gegen Barbaren verteidigen. Dazwischen gibt es jede Form von Erotik, Action und Entwicklung der Figuren. Einziger Minuspunkt ist, daß die eine oder andere Wende vorhersehbar ist.


The review is of the fifth volume of the series. Richard Blake delivers again a rapid narrative with his new Aelric adventure. Aelric must bring this time a church council to a successful conclusion, clear up a murder and defend Athens against barbarians. In between there is every form of eroticism, action and development of the figures. The only minus point is that one or other turns in the plot are foreseeable.

Now, a warning: These books are exciting, but not for every taste. Rather sensitive readers should go just look the other way. In particular, the autoerotic scene in the library of the Athens residence is also not everybody's thing. The series and also this new continuation would be urgently recommended to all others which have a weakness for 'Loveable Rogues' like Aelric.

Reviewed by Thomas Fontanari on the 8th August 2012

© 2016, richardblake.

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