Game of Empires, Reviewed by Darian

It took me less than three days to finish reading "Game of Empires", which was a rollicking read that never lost my interest. Set in a period of time (Seventh Century A.D.) rarely covered in historical fiction. From the dark and dangerous backstreets of Constantinople to the barbarian infested forests of Thrace, Richard Blake is able to reconstruct a compelling and believable world. The protagonist, Roderic of Aquiella acts as a vulnerable and flawed character which ultimately makes him more human and easy to connect with. The flaws of the book center around its short length (I wanted more!!) and should also add more detail to its supporting characters. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a quick read filled with action and adventure along with a love for history.

Published on on the 5th September 2016

© 2016, richardblake.

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