Death in Ravenna, Reviewed by Darian

Intrigue in Italy

Having helped prevent a barbarian uprising from occurring, in the Balkans, Roderic (our young spy and protagonist) is now tasked with investigating another situation occuring in Ravenna. Ravenna, the capital of what is left of the Roman Empire in Italy, is ruled by an eunuch Exarch who is engaged in suspicious activity. Almost immediately, Rodi is plunged once again into another conspiracy, one where the stakes are much higher. From the dark and dangerous streets of Ravenna to the palace of Pavia, the capital of a new barbarian kingdom in Italy, readers are plunged into a chaotic world, stuck between it's imperial past and barbarian future. Fans of Richard Blake will enjoy this short and enjoyable story and want more. I will be sure to read the next one.

Review published on 4th February 2017

© 2017, richardblake.

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