Death in Ravenna, Reviewed by Sianlover

This is the second volume of Richard Blake's new series. In this one, young Rodi is in Ravenna, to dig the dirt on a dodgy Byzantine governor.

As ever with a Blake story, everything goes tits-up, and the reader is treated to a white-knuckle ride through Medieval Italy, as Rodi tries desperately to stay alive.

Again, being a Richard Blake production, all the more entertaining characters are thoroughly nasty pieces of work. The Byzantine governor is a monster and the Lombard prince would give Machiavelli bad dreams. As for the Church, everyone in holy orders seems to be there only for the money.

In short, this is classic Blake: fast, exciting and all done in the best possible taste.

Review published on on the 22nd September 2015

© 2015, richardblake.

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