Conspiracies of Rome, Reviewed by Prairie Pal

Mysteries set in the Roman Republic or the victorious days of the Empire are many, but few care to examine Rome after the barbarian invasions, when the city lay in ruins, the emperor resided in far-off Constantinople and the Church provided what little law and order there was. Richard Blake has done so now with “Conspiracies of Rome”, an exciting romp through the wreckage with young Anglo-Saxon Aelric as our hero. Fleeing a dire fate in Kent, he enters Rome to find a hollowed-out shell of a former metropolis filled with intrigue, murder, and plots. As a preternaturally cynical and cunning fellow himself, Aelric is soon up to his blue eyes in conspiracy while trying to fulfill his task of saving ancient texts from ignorance and decay. His companion, the innocent, elderly monk Maximin makes for the perfect foil in a city full of vipers. Great fun, and lots of wonderful sequels.

Published on, 26th June 2017

© 2017, richardblake.

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