Conspiracies of Rome, Reviewed by A. Taylor

Interesting period and makes a real change from stories about Caesar and Augustus as well as Rome at the height of her power. In this book we get to see some of the infighting etc. that must have gone on in the West after Rome ceased to be the military power. The main characters are interesting and reasonably well developed. The secondary ones seem a little two dimensional and clichéd to me though.

I get the feeling that the author pictures himself at the cutting edge of writing and as such thinks that the use of words describing bodily functions is the thing to do. Possibly it is, once or twice, for real impact. However constant repetition merely serves to indicate that he lacks sufficient vocabulary to paint the scene in different ways!

Also, and I maybe alone in this, but I don’t find the descriptions such as “bombed out” from taking opium pills helps set the scene in the 6th century AD. Overall, not bad but that’s about it, though as you’ll see from other comments here others do not agree.

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11th July 2008

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