The Break, Reviewed by Amazon Customer

The concept here is a fascinating one, that the modern UK suddenly found itself back in time to a couple of years before the Norman Conquest. Within this framework the author has obviously done some research and has a certain facility with creating at least some interesting characters; although some of them are clearly based upon some real Government figures and political bias’ are clear in these cases.

However I was somewhat disappointed with the execution and with some of the conceits of the story: why do some of the people wear the rags or remains of their smart suits? Why not jeans and jackets? These people surely didn’t just have wardrobes dominated by business attire, I have a number of smart suits but I think I would wear something more practical if I had to suddenly do work in a field. Similarly I found the ending to be something of a deus ex machina and involving some character changes that appeared to be more to do with expediency than with natural development.

So overall a decent read, but not more than that.

Published on Amazon, 19th September 2017

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