Blood of Alexandria, Reviewed by Patrick Gerald

This is the third book following the adventures of Aelric, exiled Saxon nobleman now elevated to Legate Extraordinary of Heraclius, Emperor of Rome (Eastern Division) whose capital is Constantinople. Sent to Alexandria to effect a programme of land reform he finds himself stymied by Nicetas cousin of Heraclius and Viceroy of Egypt so decides to concentrate on his two other missions in life, enriching himself through dodgy deals and discovering rare books for onward transmission to the newly founded library at Canterbury.

At this point who should turn up but Prince Priscus, nobleman, soldier, drug addict, conspirator extrordinaire and all round homicidal maniac. When Priscus turns up sensible people make their excuses and leave but Aelric was sent by the Emperor so has no choice but to stay and survive as best he can, which as the hero, he does. Richard Blake has written three cracking books set in the tumultuous era when the Roman Empire in the West was destroyed and the foundations of the Roman Catholic Church as a power in it’s own right were being laid. The Empire in the East is being assailed on all it’s frontiers and it’s survival is in the hands of such as Aelric and Priscus sabotaged by highly placed incompetents like Nicetas. There is a fourth volume due out later this year. Bliss!!!

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27th March 2013

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