Conspiracies of Rome, Reviewed by Bob Jarvis

Congratulations to the author for a wonderfully effective setting of 7th. century Italy. His powerful descriptions of the crumbling and decaying grandeur that had once been ancient Rome are quite superb. Lots of very strongly presented characters also add to the mix. This, together with the first person telling of the tale by the irreverent, libidinous outrageous and bitingly witty Aelric makes this novel a pleasure to read. Felt he did use a few too many “modernisms” in his speech that grated a little with me. He was “bombed out” by the pills. He was “fagged out” after a hard day. Minor irritation!

Since I am not a huge murder mystery fan and, almost certainly due to my own inadequacies, I subsequently missed a lot of the logic that was revealed in the unravelling of this one. I also personally thought the main thrust of the plot was a little flimsy and unbelievable.

That said, I am ready to proceed with Aelric on his continuing adventures.

Reviewed by Bob Jarvis and Published on Amazon
13th May 2012

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